\..Ella never had a Fella../


\\i saw Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen ./
it was aight and well b4 i watched i ate breakfast at McDonalds and then me and my mom went 2 99 cents store lol we cheap like that and den we went to Target and Sam's i bought the movie at sam's and then wen we were at target there was a 2 year old grl lost.. poor her and then i came home and watchd da movie by myself it was aight,,, and den i got online talkd 2 uriel fredo lucy and yeh then i went 2 my room wrote on my journal and watched tv and went 2 sleep //

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i went to the zoo 2day and rode da train and den a Picnic... it was FUN
OMG my bf calld and i didnt think he would and then i went 2 clothes max 2 buy some clothes and then i got ready and went to Jackys 15 it was koo me liz, laura, maritza, her cuz, Jandi, Mauricio, Jesus, Cinthia, Steph, and yeh...

i miss my BF!!!!!!!!!!!:(

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